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  • You Can Take Up To 27 Garlic Pills Before You Get Enough Allicin To Equal What Is Provided In A Fresh-Crushed Garlic Clove

    The common USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) dissolution and release test for ALLICIN in garlic pills (tablets and capsules) is only 20% accurate for release and bioavailability of ALLICIN, the main active ingredient in crushed garlic cloves.  A consumer may need to consume up to 27.0 garlic tablets/capsules to obtain the same equivalence a raw fresh-crushed garlic clove.

    By virtue of its alkaline buffering which protects the capsule contents from degradation by stomach acid, one capsule of GARLINEX provides 2400-3800 micrograms (2.4 to 3.8 milligrams, the same amount provided by a fresh-crushed garlic clove) of released ALLICIN as proven by human breath analysis, the only efficient way of measuring allicin in garlic pills.

    While the potential health benefits of ALLICIN are many including production of transient gases (nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide) to dilate (widen) arteries, prevention of blood platelet clumping that forms blood clots, destruction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses (even antibiotic-resistant bacteria), and favorable alteration of gut bacteria, newly reported health benefits include:

    Sharper memory with advancing age as demonstrated in a study of laboratory mice.  Learning and memory impairment was quelled in mice genetically bred to develop brain dysfunction when allicin was added to their diet.  This may be important for your pet mice. J

    Maintenance of the blood filtering capacity of the kidneys in a superior fashion to some drugs used for this same purpose.

    Clearance of an undesirable blood protein (homocysteine) that can otherwise damage coronary arteries.  Allicin also reduces total cholesterol and triglycerides.  Generally, B vitamins (folic acid/folate and vitamin B12) have been the only active agents that reduce high homocysteine levels.  Now add allicin to the list.