Enzyme Activated Garlic

Dietary Supplement

The only alkalinized garlic powder designed to negate the effects of stomach acid on alliinase, the allicin-activating enzyme that is destroyed by stomach acid.

Most all garlic products advertised to provide allicin or yielding allicin are tested in a neutral pH (water) rather than acid pH which approximates the acidic digestive tract. GarlinexTM: Enzyme Activated Garlic roughly provides the amount of allicin (2400-3800mcg) produced by a standard-sized clove of fresh crushed garlic in an acidic environment.

30 Capsules
Serving Size 1 Vege-Capsule

World's Only Enzyme Activated Garlic

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How Our Garlic Pill Works

How are garlic pills tested for Allicin Yield

Sources of Garlic, Active Ingredient, Biological Activity

Garlic Source Allicin/Hydrogen Sulfide Yield
Fresh-crushed garlic clove ~2500 mcg (2.5 mg ) allicin per clove; also produces hydrogen sulfide gas (also Nrf2 activator)
Akaline buffered enzyme activated Garlinex™ capsule 2400-2800 mcg (2.4-2.8 mg) allicin per capsule proven by human study (breath test).  Allicin also produces hydrogen sulfide gas known for its heart protective properties.
“Stabilized” allicin (Allimax) 250-300 mcg per capsule (1/8th of what a fresh-crushed garlic clove yields)- Company Data
Enteric coated garlic tablet ~3200 mcg allicin if released in less acidic intestines; Source: company data.  Enteric coating may or may not reliably produce allicin.
Aged garlic Provides garlic derivate molecules: S-allylcysteine, S-allylmercaptocysteine, N (alpha)-fructosyl arginine. No allicin- Source: Journal Nutrition March 2001.  Also Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Data.  Aged garlic does activate Nrf2.
Standard garlic capsule Little allicin is produced (stomach acid destroys alliinase enzyme that produces allicin)